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Absurdly Funny

At 83, Gerda Rovetch is a first-time published poet, but a lifelong storyteller. Having fled Germany as a girl, and growing up in London during the Blitz, she has relied upon her wonderfully offbeat sense of humor to get her through the tough times in life and to thoroughly enjoy the good times. As a highly regarded collage artist, she loves the frequently heard comment, “your pictures make me smile.”

It is undoubtedly from her mother that Lissa Rovetch learned to recognize the absurdity and humor in the darkest of topics. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris, Lissa moved to San Francisco where she has written and illustrated many humorous books for children, but this is her first collaboration with her mother.

Vile Little Poems
© 2007 Gerda Rovetch/ Lissa Rovetch